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  • Early Registration Discounts: For a limited time, save big money and earn special benefits by signing up this week!
  • Early Registration Discounts: For a limited time, save big money and earn special benefits by signing up this week!

Registration Deadline: December 14


Baseball Camps: Poseyville, Indiana

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Thank you for your interest in our Poseyville baseball camp. Introduce your player and choose your sessions to reserve a spot for one week without obligation. To complete the process, mail the confirmation page with a check or pay online with a credit card.

Step 1: Player Information

Player Information

Camp Location

North Posey HS
5900 High School Rd
Poseyville, Indiana 47633

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Camp Details

Site Director: Jesse Simmons, Head Coach, North Posey HS

Dates: Sun.: Feb. 10, 17, 24; Mar. 3

Registration Deadline: December 14


Baseball Camp Pricing

One skill session:

Four weeks for $139

*Six Hours of Instruction

Two skill sessions:

Four weeks,$248 (SAVE $30!)

*Twelve Hours of Instruction

Three skill sessions:

Four weeks, $317 (SAVE $100!)

*Eighteen Hours of Instruction

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October 1, 2018, Poseyville, Indiana – U.S. Baseball Academy is pleased to announce its arrival in Poseyville, IN. USBA’s nationally acclaimed offseason training program is locally hosted by some of the best baseball coaches in the Poseyville area. One of the best baseball camps in the U.S is coming to your area.

This year's program is an opportunity for youth baseball players from Poseyville, Armstrong, Barrett, Cynthiana, Darmstadt, Fort Branch, Griffin, Haubstadt, Johnson, New Harmony, Owensville, Wadesville, and many other surrounding communities.

Sessions are available for players of all ages and all ability levels. Early registration discounts are available now. Clinics are tailored for little league, high school, senior league and travel team players throughout the Poseyville area. Instruction is available in hitting, pitching, fielding, baserunning and catching.

The four-week instruction program is operated by U.S. Baseball Academy, the nation’s largest baseball camp company, with operations in 42 states. Get ahead of the competition and prepare for the upcoming season and tournaments, whether you are on a travel team or high school team already or aspire to be on one.

Expert coaches can get you in midseason form while others are gathering winter rust. Space is limited by a low player-coach ratio. Pre-registration is required. Register now and pay later.

Visit the home page and learn more about US Baseball Academy.

Step 2: Choose Your Sessions

Pick any three youth baseball skills for big savings!

Please Note: Selected sessions cannot begin at the same time. Players will attend each selected skill at the given time on the listed dates.

Poseyville Hitting Sessions clear session Spots Available
Poseyville Pitching Sessions clear session Spots Available
Pitchers must have someone to catch for them (ex:parent, sibling, friend)
Poseyville Fielding/Baserunning Sessions clear session Spots Available
Poseyville Catcher Sessions clear session Spots Available
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